Listen to Jason Erlich on the Trial Lawyer Prep podcast available on Apple Podcasts

Tune in to the Trial Lawyer Prep podcast where employment attorney Jason Erlich discusses his approach to preparing and working with clients to ensure a good direct exam. The episode is titled “Jason Erlich and Crafting a Client Direct Exam.” In the 40-minute interview, Jason talks about the three things that make a successful direct client exam, eliciting an emotional response from a client, preparing direct exam questions, visual aids in the courtroom and more. The podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Larrick, a trial lawyer, trial consultant and founder of Larrick Law Firm PC in Austin, Texas. The episode is available on Apple Podcasts. Listen to it here:

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Former police chief wins wrongful termination case

Former Oakland Police Chief Wins Wrongful Termination, Whistleblower Case

A jury determined that Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for complaining about departmental misconduct. She was fired in 2020 after blowing the whistle on alleged corruption by…

Nursing home fined for unpaid overtime wages

Bay Area Care Homes Fined For Unpaid Overtime and Other Wage Violations

Workers should be paid for all hours worked, including any overtime pay they have earned. When an employer fails to pay overtime properly or at an incorrect rate, they can be held…

women working in tech facing discrimination

Zendesk Accused of Gender Discrimination Against Women Tech Workers

A Bay Area tech company is facing two lawsuits for allegedly fostering a work culture of harassment and gender discrimination. Both lawsuits were filed in the Superior Court of California in San…

DoorDash worker delivering food

DoorDash Workers in San Francisco to Receive 5.3 Million Dollar Settlement

A lawsuit between DoorDash and the city of San Francisco has been resolved with a $5.325 million settlement. The food delivery company was accused of misclassifying workers and not paying them certain…