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Erlich Law Firm was established to protect the rights of employees. Jason Erlich extensive experience in all aspects of employment law, and has helped more than one thousand workers to reclaim their rights.

We treat all our clients with respect and do our best to handle their legal concerns in a manner that serves your interests. We keep you informed about legal progress made, explain the sequence of legal steps involved, let you know what to expect, and keep you apprised of important legal timelines. From the outset of your case to its resolution, our Oakland employment attorneys are committed to protecting your interests and helping you achieve your desired objectives.

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Our legal team handles employment disputes, representing individuals in state and federal courts. Learn more about our Oakland attorneys:

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My parents were heavily involved in community organizing. Seeing neighbors and friends’ parents struggle in the workplace gave me a sense of purpose that I wanted to help others. Many employees feel helpless and powerless in the workplace, and helping them vindicate their rights is the right thing to do.

- Jason Erlich

Client testimonials
Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list.

Jeff V., Oakland

When employees' legal rights are violated, we take time to explain their legal options, listen to their goals, and aggressively argue their case until we achieve the resolution they deserve.