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When employment disputes arise, it can feel like your life is spiraling out of control, and for a good reason. However, if you were fired, transferred, denied time off for medical reasons, or discriminated against, you may be able to take legal action against your employer.

At the Erlich Law Firm, our Concord employment lawyer is dedicated to advocating for workers in all types of employment disputes. We understand that dealing with an employment-related issue is incredibly stressful, so we take every step possible to make the process as easy on you as possible.

Do You Need a Concord Employment Lawyer?

If you disagree with how your employer handled a situation related to your employment, the first step is always to let your employer know. Not only does this allow your employer to resolve your issue, but providing notice of your grievance is also a prerequisite to filing an employment lawsuit in most cases.

When you are discussing the matter with your supervisor or the Human Resources department, be sure to save all communication. Emails, voicemails, texts, and documents generated during the internal grievance process can often become critical evidence during an employment lawsuit.

If your employer fails to address your concern to your satisfaction—or ignores it entirely—you are not without options. Your first step should be to reach out to an experienced Concord employment law attorney to discuss your situation. An attorney will listen to the facts and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. From there, you and your attorney can discuss what makes the most sense for you.

Types of Concord Employment Cases

At the Erlich Law Firm, attorney Jason M. Erlich is a veteran Concord employment lawyer with vast experience handling a wide range of employment law matters. Unlike many other firms, we only represent workers, meaning our loyalty is always with you. We take all types of employment issues, including the following:

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination involves an employer treating employees differently based on a worker’s race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other prohibited factors. While employers rarely own up to discriminating, the reality is that employment discrimination is prevalent. However, employers know it is illegal and often take steps to cover up their discriminatory motives. An experienced Concord employment lawyer can help you prove that your employer’s proposed justification was not what their real intentions were.

Wage and Hour Disputes

Any employment agreement contains two essential parts: you agree to show up to work and do your job, and, in response, your employer agrees to pay you the agreed-upon wage negotiated at the time you were hired. However, sometimes employers try to save money by cutting labor costs, which may mean that they are shorting you each week on your paycheck. If this describes your situation, you can bring a Concord wage and hour lawsuit against your employer to recover the wages you are owed.

Family and Medical Leave Violations

Under state and federal law, most employees qualify to take unpaid leave to care for a newborn or newly adopted child or attend to specific family emergencies. However, employers occasionally deny an employee’s reasonable request in violation of the law. If you have been denied FMLA leave or the California Family Rights Act, the Erlich Law Firm can help you determine if your employer wrongfully denied your request and advise you of the best way to pursue relief.

Wrongful Termination

Although California is an “at-will” state in terms of employment, that does not mean an employer can fire you for any reason they choose. If an employer’s decision to terminate you was based on an impermissible basis, you could pursue a Concord wrongful termination claim against your employer. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to get your job back or compensate for damages if that is not of interest to you.

Class Action Lawsuits

Some lawsuits may not make financial or practical sense for employees to bring on their own. For example, if your employer miscalculated your overtime pay, the trouble and cost of bringing a case may not be justified based on the relatively little amount of money you could recover. In these cases, employees can band together to form a “class” to sue their employer as a group. Class action lawsuits are a way to hold employers accountable for their actions when bringing a case on your own does not make financial sense.

Types of East Bay Job Industries in Concord, CA

I-680 and the Benicia- Martinez bridge allow commuters to travel from Sacramento, Walnut Creek, Tracy, Concord, Pittsburg, Antioch, and Bay Point. Regardless of a person’s industry, they are entitled to certain employee rights. Common industries where discrimination, unpaid wages and overtime, and other types of employment abuse include:

  • Retail
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers
  • Delivery Services
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical Centers
  • Research Laboratories
  • Food Services
  • Construction
  • Small Businesses

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If you are suffering through a hostile work environment, dealing with the effects of employment discrimination, or were otherwise unfairly treated by your employer, the Erlich Law Firm can help.

Attorney Jason Erlich has extensive experience handling a wide range of Concord employment law issues. He has a 99 percent success rate in the cases he deals with and takes a holistic approach to every case he handles.

To learn more and schedule a free consultation, give Jason Erlich a call at 510-390-9140 today. You can also reach us through our online contact form.


My parents were heavily involved in community organizing. Seeing neighbors and friends’ parents struggle in the workplace gave me a sense of purpose that I wanted to help others. Many employees feel helpless and powerless in the workplace, and helping them vindicate their rights is the right thing to do.

- Jason Erlich

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Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list.

Jeff V., Oakland

Jason Erlich made me feel like I was in the right place right away.I had some serious problems with a previous employer and he took care of everything. From the start he helped with my concerns and fears going up against a big corporation.

Susan W., Pacifica

With Jason’s expertise, commitment and aggressiveness, the case is now over and it’s only been 6 months!! I would HIGHLY recommend Jason Erlich to anyone that needs an employment lawyer.

Carla, Petaluma

I can highly recommend Jason Erlich Esq. for any employment law matter. He is an outstanding lawyer, embodies a mix of honesty, knowledge, client care and tough mindset.

Roger J., Oakland

When employees' legal rights are violated, we take time to explain their legal options, listen to their goals, and aggressively argue their case until we achieve the resolution they deserve.