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Race is a protected characteristic under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Employers are not allowed to discriminate against or harass a worker based on race. It is also unlawful to mistreat an employee because of their perceived race based on personal traits such as hair type, facial features, or skin color.

Erlich Law Firm is dedicated to fighting racial discrimination in the workplace. All workers deserve to be treated fairly under the law. Our Walnut Creek race discrimination lawyers help employees subjected to hostile treatment pursue fair compensation. Attorney Jason Erlich has more than 20 years of experience protecting workers’ rights.

How Does Race Discrimination Take Place?

Both workers and job applicants may be subjected to racial discrimination. Race discrimination can occur in different forms, ranging from racial slurs and offensive remarks to a lack of promotional opportunities or wrongful termination. The FEHA bars employers from racially discriminating against workers in job interviews, training, promotions, compensation, terminations, and other aspects of employment.

Race discrimination can be harmful and disruptive no matter how it occurs. Here are some examples of how Walnut Creek employers may engage in unlawful race discrimination:

  • Requiring only employees of color to undergo drug testing
  • Paying African American workers less than similarly experienced white workers
  • Denying promotions based on a worker’s race
  • Using racial slurs and displaying racist symbols
  • Creating workplace rules that only apply to employees of a certain race
  • Terminating an employee based on their race
  • Refusing to hire Asian job applicants even though they are qualified for a position
  • Disciplining a worker based on their race

A 2021 survey found that around 42 percent of Black employees claimed they had been mistreated at work over five years. About 26 percent of Asian workers and 21 percent of Hispanic/Latino workers also reported unfair treatment, compared to 12 percent of white employees.

If you suspect your employer has discriminated against you based on race, you should contact an experienced Walnut Creek race discrimination lawyer. The attorney can advise you on your legal options after examining the facts of your situation.

Can Race Discrimination Occur in Remote Workplaces?

Many companies have implemented and maintained flexible work policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees work from remote workplaces using laptops and smartphones.

Race discrimination is not limited to offices, job sites, or physical workplaces. It can also occur in remote spaces in which more one-on-one interactions between coworkers occur with little supervision. Around 80 percent of workers claimed they experienced discrimination while working remotely via messaging apps, video calls, and other platforms.

California labor laws also apply to remote workers. However, many employers have failed to establish policies around remote work. Online workspaces are often unmonitored, which means some workers may feel emboldened to engage in discriminatory behavior. Race discrimination is unacceptable and unlawful, even in remote workplaces.

Filing a Race Discrimination Lawsuit

If you have been treated less favorably than your coworkers based on your race, you may have a claim for race discrimination. A hostile work environment in which you are subjected to severe, pervasive harassment based on your race may rise to the legal standard of race discrimination. Filing a Walnut Creek race discrimination lawsuit allows you to recover damages for lost income, benefits, and other related costs.

The legal process can seem overwhelming without the right law firm representing your interests. At Erlich Law Firm, we are always available to answer your questions and ensure you understand how your case is progressing. When you hire us, your Walnut Creek race discrimination lawyer will investigate what happened and gather evidence to build a strong case. We aim to get you the compensation you deserve while holding your employer accountable.

Do I Have a Case?

The critical point is that the FEHA does not protect workers from isolated incidents, derogatory comments, or teasing. Although negative comments can be unpleasant, they may not be considered discrimination under the law.

Additionally, being passed over for a promotion, getting fired, receiving criticism, or experiencing other unfavorable workplace consequences may not count as race discrimination. Your employer’s adverse employment action must be based on your race to qualify as race discrimination.

Determining whether the adverse treatment you suffered is unlawful is not always straightforward. A knowledgeable Walnut Creek race discrimination lawyer can help determine whether you have a case.

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If you have experienced racial discrimination at work, you do not have to tolerate unlawful treatment. Reach out to a skilled employment attorney to learn more about your rights. The Walnut Creek race discrimination lawyers at Erlich Law Firm can guide you on your next steps. We can determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for your employer’s illegal conduct. Contact us today to discuss your case.


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