What are some examples of reasonable accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is anything that helps an employee with disabilities do the essential functions of their job. Reasonable accommodations can vary depending on the position and the employee’s disability. There is no limit on what accommodations an employer has a duty to provide, as long as no undue hardship exists.

The purpose of reasonable accommodation is to remove barriers that keep people from performing jobs they could do with some adjustments. For example, employers may purchase adjustable monitors or install wheelchair ramps in the workplace. Here are some common types of reasonable accommodations:

  • Modifying facilities to make them accessible
  • Relocating a work area
  • Purchasing special equipment 
  • Permitting service animals in the office
  • Modifying work schedules
  • Allowing working from home
  • Changing job duties
  • Reassigning to a vacant position
  • Offering leave for medical care

Refusing to discuss or provide reasonable accommodations may be a form of disability discrimination. Consult an experienced Oakland employment lawyer if you are being denied reasonable accommodations at work. Erlich Law Firm can help you figure out the best course of action in your situation.

Other Disability Discrimination FAQs:


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