What can I expect after I hire you?

Once the firm is retained, we take appropriate action, whether that means sending a written demand to the potential parties, filing a lawsuit or initiating other methods to help resolve your matter. We are committed to providing the highest level of availability and accountability to our clients from the initial retention to the conclusion. You'll be apprised of all important developments, timelines and expectations in your case, and you can be assured that we will vigorously represent your interests from start to finish.

Client testimonials

Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list.

Jeff V., Oakland

Jason Erlich made me feel like I was in the right place right away.I had some serious problems with a previous employer and he took care of everything. From the start he helped with my concerns and fears going up against a big corporation.

Susan W., Pacifica

With Jason’s expertise, commitment and aggressiveness, the case is now over and it’s only been 6 months!! I would HIGHLY recommend Jason Erlich to anyone that needs an employment lawyer.

Carla, Petaluma

I can highly recommend Jason Erlich Esq. for any employment law matter. He is an outstanding lawyer, embodies a mix of honesty, knowledge, client care and tough mindset.

Roger J., Oakland