What counts as wrongful termination in California?

California is an at-will employment state. This means an employer can fire an employee, or a worker can leave a job, whenever they want without providing a reason. There are some exceptions, like when there is an employment contract involved.

Because an employer can terminate a worker without cause, simply being fired for a negative reason may not necessarily be grounds for a wrongful termination case. Companies may do things that employees dislike, such as engaging in favoritism or unfair behavior. However, an employee must have been fired due to illegal reasons in order to have a wrongful termination claim.

Many wrongful termination cases involve discrimination, retaliation or whistleblowing. Below are some examples of what is considered wrongful termination under California labor laws. When an employee is fired because of:

• Discrimination based on disability, race, gender identity, age, national origin, military status, pregnancy or other legally protected classes.
• Complaining in good faith about discrimination, harassment or workplace safety.
• Reporting their employer’s labor law violations.
• Requesting payment of all due wages, overtime or commissions.
• Reporting that their company is doing something illegal or unlawful, even if later it turns out not to be illegal

Unfortunately, far too many employees are unaware of their legal rights. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated from your job for an unlawful reason, discuss your situation with a knowledgeable California employment law attorney.

Erlich Law Firm can help you determine if you have a claim for wrongful termination against your employer. You may be entitled to recover damages for lost wages, benefits and more. Learn more at https://erlich.lawyer/.

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