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Pleasant Hill Employment Attorney Protecting the Rights of Workers

Workers in Pleasant Hill and elsewhere in the East Bay are entitled to legal representation when facing employment violations. Employees can recover compensation under California and federal labor laws when employers target them for discrimination, failure to pay overtime, or engaging in retaliation. Erlich Law Firm is here to help hardworking employees who have been mistreated.

Workplace Violations in Pleasant Hill

In Contra Costa County, Pleasant Hill is home to major employers like Safeway, Target, and Mount Diablo Unified School District. Many small businesses are also based in the city of nearly 35,000 residents.

Pleasant Hill and San Francisco Bay Area employees have essential protections under California and federal labor laws. For example, they have the right to complain about unpaid wages or report workplace safety issues.

Employers often try to take advantage of workers who are unaware of their rights. Additionally, employees may not speak up about unlawful employment practices out of fear of losing their job or suffering other forms of retaliation.

Employment attorney Jason Erlich has represented workers in many different types of cases. He is dedicated to standing up for employees and helping them recover just compensation. Some of the employment law issues Erlich Law Firm handles include:

How a Pleasant Hill Employment Attorney Can Help 

Going through a stressful employment dispute can not only affect your livelihood, but it can also have an impact on your emotional wellbeing. If you have experienced workplace violations, you could be eligible for damages.

Businesses typically have teams of lawyers protecting their interests. When you hire legal representation, you increase your chances of getting compensation. With an employment attorney on your side, you are no longer left dealing with your employer on your own.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of filing a lawsuit. However, the legal process is likely less daunting when you know that a capable employment lawyer is acting in your best interests. An experienced Pleasant Hill employment attorney can handle settlement negotiations with your employer and even take your lawsuit to trial if a fair agreement cannot be reached.

Why Choose Erlich Law Firm?

Attorney Jason Erlich has been protecting workers’ rights for more than 20 years. He has helped clients hold employers accountable for their unlawful actions. If you have been wronged, you may be entitled to compensation.

Workplace violations can take many different forms. Jason handles a wide range of employment cases, including class-action lawsuits.

Erlich Law Firm only represents workers, not employers. Whether an employee is forced to work overtime without pay, denied proper meal breaks, or fired for taking medical leave, our employment lawyers are ready to fight back against unlawful employment practices.

When you hire Erlich Law Firm, you can expect top-notch service and guidance through every step of the legal process. Our personalized approach sets us apart from other nearby law firms. Your employment attorney is committed to resolving your case promptly and efficiently while pursuing maximum compensation.

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Suppose your Pleasant Hill employer has withheld your wages, discriminated against you, fired you for an illegal reason, or engaged in other workplace violations. In that case, you may be able to pursue damages. Erlich Law Firm can help you stop your employer’s unlawful practices. Contact us today to discuss your situation with an experienced Pleasant Hill employment attorney.


My parents were heavily involved in community organizing. Seeing neighbors and friends’ parents struggle in the workplace gave me a sense of purpose that I wanted to help others. Many employees feel helpless and powerless in the workplace, and helping them vindicate their rights is the right thing to do.

- Jason Erlich

Client testimonials
Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list.

Jeff V., Oakland

Jason Erlich made me feel like I was in the right place right away.I had some serious problems with a previous employer and he took care of everything. From the start he helped with my concerns and fears going up against a big corporation.

Susan W., Pacifica

With Jason’s expertise, commitment and aggressiveness, the case is now over and it’s only been 6 months!! I would HIGHLY recommend Jason Erlich to anyone that needs an employment lawyer.

Carla, Petaluma

I can highly recommend Jason Erlich Esq. for any employment law matter. He is an outstanding lawyer, embodies a mix of honesty, knowledge, client care and tough mindset.

Roger J., Oakland

When employees' legal rights are violated, we take time to explain their legal options, listen to their goals, and aggressively argue their case until we achieve the resolution they deserve.