Milpitas introduces anti-wage theft rules in construction projects

Wage theft occurs when employers deny workers their rightful, earned pay. The reality is that pay violations continue to occur in many different workplaces across California, including the construction industry.
Some local governments have taken steps to improve worker protections. The Milpitas City Council recently passed a measure called the Responsible Construction Ordinance. Developers and contractors who engage in wage theft and labor law violations in city construction projects will face stiff penalties under the legislation.
All developers and builders seeking approval for their private projects are required to sign a pledge to follow California’s labor laws. Contractors and subcontractors must also provide itemized wage statements to workers and the city of Milpitas. Developers who have unresolved wage disputes will not have their projects approved until all outstanding wages are paid.
The measure has been welcomed as a way to protect construction workers from exploitation. Its supporters hope that ordinances like the one passed by Milpitas will help workers become more aware of what they can do to recover unpaid wages. Many workers do not speak up out of fear of retaliation from employers, while others do not understand their rights.
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